Dr n. med. Michał Trąbka

GMC # 6111073

A graduate of the Medical University of Lublin, after graduation he worked in urology departments in Poland and Great Britain, including in hospitals in Wales and Scotland. He was a urology consultant at the Specialist Hospital in Stalowa Wola, and currently works as a consultant at the Specialist Hospital in Sandomierz. He completed his specialization in urology with a European certificate by FEBU in 2009. In 2010 he became Ph.D., writing thesis about the endoscopic diagnostics and treatment of urinary tract diseases at the Medical University of Lublin.
Doctor Trąbka is a member of many national and international prestigious medical associations.

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He works as a urologist consultant, performing operations in the field of classical, endoscopic and laparoscopic urology. He specializes in endoscopic laser disintegration of deposits in the ureters, kidneys and bladder, and in endoscopic electroresection and laser removal of bladder and prostate tumors.

At Luxmedica, Dr.Michał Trąbka offers a wide range of consultations in the treatment of urological diseases of men and women. Many years of experience in working in hospitals and private clinics, professionalism and an individual approach to each patient are the features that Dr. Michal’s patients value. The scope of services of our urology office includes, among others, prostate examination, biopsy qualification, foreskin removal and testicular hydrocele puncture. Doctor Michał Trąbka admits patients on two Saturdays a month.

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