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In our clinic we offer professional help to people, who need consultation in psychiatry. As part of our medical services we provide specialist diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems.

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Psychiatry in our clinic includes the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses and various types of disorders that prevent proper functioning.

The help of a specialist such as our psychiatrist in London is such an action as psychotherapy, in case of need, supported also by pharmacological treatment. During the medical consultation, the London psychiatrist recognizes problem you are reporting to and recommends appropriate treatment. Some mental disorders are caused by disorders, others by a difficult life situation. No matter what your problem is, our London psychiatrist will deal with it in the best possible way.

In Luxmedica clinic we deal with such ailments as sleep disorders, panic attacks, anxiety, as well as eating disorders – bulimia, anorexia, overeating.


We treat reality perception disorders, depression and addictions, as well as strong mood swings.

Our psychiatrist also provides diagnosis and treatment of such diseases as neuroses and schizophrenia.

Sometimes we are in a difficult situation, we cannot enjoy life, or our mood changes extremely fast and frequently. More and more people are also suffering from depressive states, initially unaware of it. Untreated mental health problems are a serious threat both to the sick person and to the environment in which they function. Early diagnosis significantly increases the chances of effective treatment, and therefore it is necessary to report to a specialist such as psychiatrist in London. We encourage you to make a reservation for visits to our clinic. We ensure comfort, discretion and safety for every patient.


First consultation (50 minutes) £150

Follow-up consultation (35 minutes) £110

Consultation after 9-months break £150

Medical opinion (after Doctor acceptance) £150-£300

Next prescription £40

Medical Record Report / GP letter £100

Medical Record Report update £70

Repeat prescription £60

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