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At our clinic we provide full medical care to patients in endocrinology. Modern technical facilities and qualified staff enable us to guarantee the highest quality of our services.

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Endocrinologist at Luxmedica

As a part of endocrinological care, we provide comprehensive diagnostic tests, advice from a specialist such as London endocrinologist and treatment selected individually to the patient’s needs. In our clinic each patient feels comfortable and can count on high quality staff service without any worries.

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Many people currently have hormonal problems. Our endocrinologist in London conducts a thorough interview and commissions appropriate tests.

The duties of a doctor also include prevention and comprehensive patient care. In many cases, when the patient is at risk, it is possible to rely on measures that will avoid the development of disease. If your family is already affected by these conditions or has an unsuitable lifestyle, you can change your negative habits and avoid more serious problems in the future by preventing them.
Our endocrinologist guarantees fast and proper diagnosis and finding the source of problem.


In this way, the disease can actually be cured and a much better quality of life can be achieved.

Hormonal disorders require the patient not only to take appropriate medication, but also to take care of their lifestyle, which is why cooperation between the patient and endocrinologist in London is of great importance.

In our clinic we diagnose and treat diseases of thyroid gland, adrenal gland, pituitary gland, as well as pancreas, gonads, parathyroid glands and other diseases related to the hormonal system. We provide professional medical services and the best doctors. Our specialists have many years of experience in their specialties. They approach each patient individually and with great care. Our endocrinologist in London is the best choice for every patient, who wants to take care of their health.


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First consultation £135

First consultation + thyroid scan £185

Follow-up consultation £110

Follow-up consultation + thyroid scan £160

Medical Record Report £50

Repeat prescription £60

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