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The venereologist in London provides care to patients suffering from various types of sexually transmitted diseases. In our clinic we deal with professional diagnosis and treatment of venereal diseases.

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A specialist such as a London venereologist should be visited by people, who have observed intimate pustules, redness, ulcers or oedemas.

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Worrying symptoms also include itching, pain (also during intercourse), unpleasant smell, burning of the skin and change in the consistency and color of secretions.

All such symptoms and ailments may indicate venereal diseases, so you should go to a doctor such as a venereologist as soon as possible to start an appropriate treatment.

Prevention, which we take care of in our clinic by educating patients, is also extremely important. During the visit, a venereologist will provide all necessary information and indicate appropriate actions to be taken by the patient. The visit is fully comfortable. We provide our patients with safety, discretion and care of the best specialists.


We deal with the treatment of venereal diseases caused by bacteria, such as gonorrhea, chlamydiosis and dysentery, as well as those caused by viruses: HIV, mononucleosis, HBV, HTLV.

As a part of our medical care, the venereologist in London also deals with the treatment of such diseases as amoebiosis, crab louse, scabies, trichomoniasis and mycosis. In our clinics we also provide medical care to patients suffering from genital herpes, urethritis, vaginal and vulvar inflammation, as well as glans penis and prepuce lesions.
Each of our London venereologists is a specialist with many years of experience and appropriate qualifications. Patients visiting our clinic can count on individual treatment and full of care and empathy medical care. We provide a comfortable atmosphere and comprehensive diagnostic examination. We encourage you to make an appointment to our clinic.


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