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We provide professional treatment in the field of general surgery and proctology. Our patients can count on comprehensive medical care, which includes both diagnostic services and subsequent treatment.

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Surgeon and Proctologist at Luxmedica

In our clinic we treat patients with such problems as: haemorrhoids, prurigo (itch) in the area of anus or treatment of condyloma, as well as purulent drainage, bleeding and post-injury treatment. A proctologist in London provides the diagnosis and effective treatment of large intestine and rectal diseases. Similarly, in the field of surgery, we offer our patients professional examinations and diagnoses, so that they could choose the appropriate treatment. Our surgeon is a guarantee of excellent medical care for every patient.

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The diseases of large intestine and rectum are very annoying, and untreated lead to unpleasant and dangerous disease development.

Therefore, the best solution is to go to a specialist as soon as possible to deal with unpleasant problem. There is no need for suffering, just to bet on doctors such as a proctologist or a surgeon in London. We ensure the highest quality of services, individual approach to the patient and effective forms of treatment.


At Luxmedica we employ only the best specialists.

Both the London proctologist and the surgeon are well educated and have gained their experience in renowned medical institutions. Our staff constantly trains their skills, providing patients with the best possible care.

Each patient can count on our individual approach. Doctors are characterized by a high degree of empathy and care. Therefore, even embarrassing health problems are not an issue of concern. It is worthwhile to seek the help of specialists and forget about the inconvenient diseases of large intestine and rectum. Our London surgeon and proctologist guarantee comfortable and professional care for every patient. We encourage you to check our offer and to make an appointment for examinations and individual visits to our clinic.


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Consultation £110

Consultation with wound management / suturing £150

Consultation with Anascopy / Rectoscopy £180

Excision of perinal lesions (price depends on the size of the change) £250 - £400

Excision of skin lesions such as lipoma /melanocytic skin lesion/papilas/sebaceous cysts (price depends on the size/localisation of the change ) £220 - £400

Consultation with Barron procedure / Banding of hemorrhoids £295

Next Barron procedure / Banding of hemorrhoids £235

Histopatology examination (price depends on the size of the change) £150 - £220

Consultation with the incision of the abscess £200 - £350

Consultation with incision of thrombosed hemorrhoidal column £220

Botox injection in the course of anal fissure treatment £250

Removal of the nail £150 - £270

Incision of subcuraneous perinal fistula £170

Removal of stiches (from another clinic) £105

Medical Record Report £50

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