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Health of children is always a priority. Our clinic is a friendly place for small patients.

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The atmosphere is pleasant and the visits are enjoyable for both parents and children.

We make sure that medical examinations and consultations are carried out in a calm atmosphere, and that each child feels comfortable and simply good. Our pediatrician in London treats each young patient individually, with great care and empathy. We know very well how even the smallest symptoms can be troublesome for the youngest children, that is why we take care of our children with care and attention.

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As part of our paediatric services we provide professional consultations and medical visits, during which the paediatrician thoroughly examines the patient, conducts a broad medical interview and plans appropriate treatment.

We take care of the safety of our youngest patients, as well as well-being of our parents. The paediatrician in London will answer all your questions, as well as will indicate all possibilities and optimal methods of treatment. If necessary, paediatrician recommends additional diagnostic tests or a visit to a specialist to diagnose the disease accurately.

The paediatrician is the doctor of first contact in case of children and infants diseases. As soon as parents notice any worrying symptoms, they can visit our clinic.


Rapid reaction allows detection of diseases at an early stage of development, and this in turn leads to a much more effective treatment. It is therefore advisable to react early and consult your paediatrician.

For all parents, the health of their children is the most important. In our clinic we also put the health of the child first. Each of our London paediatricians is a doctor with passion and vocation. They have many years of experience in paediatrics, gained in renowned medical institutions. They are also doctors who have a great approach to children, so that a visit to a doctor is not a problem. The child feels comfortable and relaxed. We encourage you to get to know our paediatricians and make an appointment.


Consultation 1 patient £105

Consultation 2 patients £175

Consultation 3 patients / Family consultation £235

Consultation with swab £160

Check-up appointment upon doctors referral (up to 7 days) £70

Telephone consultation £100

Medical Record Report £50

Strep A Rapid Swab Test £65

Repeat prescription £60

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