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In the field of laryngology, our clinic provides specialist medical consultations, which are provided by a laryngologist.

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If you have annoying rhinitis, coughing or other worrying symptoms ...

… such as ear pain, snoring, red tonsils or clogged sinuses, this is a clear signal to go to a specialist such as a laryngologist in London. Fast diagnosis means much more effective treatment, as the disease is not yet at an advanced stage. Every patient in our clinic can count on careful care of physicians and professional medical advice.

We employ only experienced and appropriately qualified specialists, so that each patient can count on the highest quality of provided medical services. As a part of our laryngology, we provide treatment for sinusitis, rhinitis, ear infections, snoring, as well as problems related to tonsils and throat. After the diagnosis, London laryngologist recommends an appropriate treatment, which may include pharmacological treatment, but also various treatments (e.g. sinus rinsing), so that the patient can quickly recover and function normally.


We employ only experienced and properly qualified specialists

Respiratory problems can be very onerous and untreated, leading to serious illnesses that affect a lifetime, so it is better to react faster and deal with a tiring problem.

ENT specialists are people who take care of the patient’s welfare first and foremost. Our staff consists of qualified people, and every patient visiting our clinic receives comprehensive care. We take care of preventive actions, test are carried out on modern equipment and with the use of the latest technologies. We encourage you to make an appointment. For us, the patient’s health is always the most important issue.


We encourage you to take advantage of the offer of our clinic

In our clinic we treat every patient with great reliability and attention. Our team consists of doctors with many years of experience, who gained their knowledge and skills in the best medical facilities around the world.

Consultation/examination £120

Consultation + ear irrigation £160

Consultation + swab £160

Consultation + cauterising £140

Consultation with fibroscopy £170

Consultation with tympanometry £160

Consultation with tympanometry + fibroscopy £220

Removal of foreign body £185

Frenulum cut (Electrocoagulation method)* £200-£300

* This procedure is performed by Oral Surgeon, please call the reception

Medical Record Report £50

Repeat prescription £60

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