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We offer general dentistry, cosmetic orthodontics, as well implants. Luxmedica’s dentistry guarantees beautiful and natural smiles, thanks to the most innovative techniques at affordable prices.

We employ only highly educated and qualified specialists, with the best knowledge in the area of dentistry in which they work. We invest in technologically advanced equipment in order to make it possible for our experts, dentists, implantologist, orthodontist, and hygienists to fulfil your expectations.

All Luxmedica’s experts have a registry at the GDC and they continuously enrich their qualifications, keeping up with current trends in contemporary dentistry.
The gentleness of the specialists that are part of Luxmedica’s team guarantees you a visit without any stress.

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GDC # 130015 Dr Maciej Reska Read more
GDC #292974 IMPLANTOLOGIST Dr Karolina Wołowiec Read more
GDC# 286823 Dr Klaudia Cieślak Read more
GDC Ref. No 255511 Dr Paweł Ira Read more

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