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Urology is a field of medicine that deals with various types of urinary tract diseases.

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At Luxmedica, we specialize in diagnosis and treatment of both women and men.

Each patient can count on professional medical consultations, conduct necessary diagnostic tests, and a urologist can also choose the appropriate treatment.

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Many people suffer from bladder pain, urinary incontinence problems or renal pain.

Such symptoms must not be underestimated. The sooner we decide on a professional and comprehensive diagnosis, the better.

In our clinic, a urologist in London deals with the treatment of bladder and urethra inflammation, as well as common kidney stones. All symptoms can be cured, regaining the comfort of functioning and joy the life. It should be remembered that prophylaxis and fast enough diagnostics allow also for effective treatment of such problems as: erectile dysfunctions, prostate or cancer.


Luxmedica is a guarantee of high quality medical services. Each of our London urologists is a specialist with many years of experience.

Our team consists of qualified doctors, who are constantly expanding their knowledge and skills, and their practice has been held in institutions all over the world.
Today urology is developing rapidly and thanks to this progress the patient can count on comfortable and effective methods of treatment. So if you have urinary problems, abdominal, pelvic or back pain, or notice blood in your urine, you should see a specialist straight away. Similarly, in case of recurrent bladder infections, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. The London urologist will provide you with the necessary diagnostic tests and plan treatment to help you stop the disease from developing. It is not worth tiring with your ailments; especially that modern urology is a comfortable and very effective method of treatment. Therefore, we encourage you to make an appointment to our clinic – for us the most important is always the patient’s well-being and health.


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In our clinic we treat every patient with great reliability and attention. Our team consists of doctors with many years of experience, who gained their knowledge and skills in the best medical facilities around the world.

Consultation & examination £140

Consultation with ultrasound scan referral £120

Consultation & examination with ultrasound scan £190

Test or scan results interpretation upon doctors referral £60

Cystoscopy £750

Swab £65

Repeated prescription £60

Report £50

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