Dr Magdalena Pogwizd

GMC #6155017

In the field of diabetology, our clinic provides all patients with conscientious and reliable medical care. Our diabetologist always conducts a comprehensive and thorough medical interview with patients, and also educates them on diseases such as diabetes and metabolic disorders. Patients suffering from such problems will find professional and comprehensive services in diabetology. Our doctors also provide the necessary support and care to all people who report.

Our diabetologist in London provides professional specialist consultations to diagnose your illness and appropriately early start the indicated treatment. Our doctors provide helpful advice in the field of nutrition and diet, thanks to which the patient receives appropriate care when diagnosing diseases such as diabetes.

We care for patients with various types of diabetes, including gestational diabetes. In our clinic it is also possible to diagnose the complications of diabetes. Our London diabetologist also provides medical care to people suffering from the problem of diabetic foot, among others.
Diabetes is an increasingly common disease. Both adults and children are affected by this disease. Therefore, nowadays it is extremely important to know about this issue and to diagnose it quickly. In this way, we can plan optimal treatment, which improves the quality and comfort of the patient’s life. Our diabetologist is a guarantee of professional care, so you can boldly make an appointment.

We provide our patients with professional education and comprehensive treatment, taking care of every problem. Our clinic employs only the best specialists, who have many years of experience in their specialization. Many of them are distinguished by outstanding medical achievements. The staff of our clinic is constantly trained and developed, so that patients can always count on the best quality of medical services. We encourage you to contact our clinic and book convenient dates of visits.

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