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Our aesthetic medicine doctors are waiting for you:

Dr Macieja Reska – 6 days a week
Dr Paulina Zurawik – on Fridays

Our treatments & offers*:

  • Botox, 3 zones (for women and men) – £230
  • Face fillers – £260 (price per 1 ml / 1 syringe)
  • Lip fillers – from £240
  • Chin & jaw reshaping filler – from £260
  • Nose reshaping filler – from £350
  • Profhilo – stabilised hybrid Hyaluronic acid complex – £320
  • Vampire facelift  from – £400
  • Vampire facelift or neck skin lifting – £450
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding) treatment (botox) – £300
  • Underarm hyperhidrosis treatment – £300

* our offer is valid until 31th December 2022

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Airflow cleaning + consultation + check-up = only £150!*

* instead of £220, the offer is valid until 31th December 2022

What is Airflow?

EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master is a hygiene treatment that effectively but gently cleans teeth removing stubborn stains such as coffee, red wine, tobacco, and tea.
Airflow tooth polishing is a high-tech and very effective treatment which removes stains and harmful bacteria from your teeth without harming the enamel.

Traditional visits to the hygienist involve a ‘scale and polish’, using tools you’re probably familiar with. But with Airflow, you can have a high-tech jet polish instead – gentle, comfortable, and quick. Completely safe, chemical-free, and gentler on your teeth and gums than traditional cleaning tools, Airflow combines air, water, and an excellent bicarbonate powder.
Airflow is ideal for regular cleaning and stain removal, and as a preparation for treatments such as tooth implants and orthodontics treatment, including Invisalign.

Patients are choosing to have their mouth and teeth cleaned using Airflow because:

  • It gives teeth a brighter and whiter smile
  • More comfortable, no pain while cleaning
  • It makes your mouth feel extraordinarily fresh and clean
  • It helps to tackle bacteria in your mouth that leads to gum disease
  • Warm water spray reduces sensitivity

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