Mental Health Centre

LUXMEDICA’s Centre of Mental Health consists of the best experts for whom the psychological health of every patient is placed at the centre of their work. For us, humans are always first place.

This is how LUXMEDICA’s Centre of Mental Health was created – based on the respect to other people. We are quite a big clinic nowadays and we are true experts in the psychotherapy of:

  • Individuals (including adults and children),
  • Marriages and couples
  • Families.

We help also with:

  • Psychological and educational consultation regarding children, along with supporting their development,
  • Psychiatry,
  • Sexology.

Our therapists:

  • Work under the supervision of qualified experts,
  • Respect a code of ethics that govern the profession,
  • Treats privacy and confidentiality as a priority,
  • Have many years of professional experience,
  • Develop their skills (take part in seminars and courses).

Our specialists:

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