Vampire facelift – Mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma Clinic in London

  • It is an autologous procedure during which the preparation received from the patient’s tissues is used (in this case it is taken from the blood). PRP is a wonderful method of therapy used with great success in orthopedics, cardiology, ophthalmology and esthetics.
  • Platelets, which are responsible for regeneration processes, are usually used during such procedure. They are also equipped in growth factors that are released during the procedure and they cause growth of fibroblasts producing collagen fibers and stimulating process of angiogenesis (the process of creation of new capillaries). As a result, skin becomes nourished and the effects are visible with the naked eye.
  • It is the perfect procedure for people who suffer from allergies on the substances used for wrinkles filling because the substance which is created from their own blood is biologically natural and doesn’t cause any allergic reaction.
  • The procedure is conducted with the usage of special centrifuge which chamber is manufactured of the chirurgical stainless steel and is equipped with 18 steps of slowing down and speeding up enabling to get best substances and high effectiveness.
  • Effects: more elastic and firm skin thanks to the lifting, better skin blood supply, smoothed wrinkles and folds, less time needed for wounds healing after procedures.
  • In order to get the best effects, this procedure should be done in a series of 5-8 times every 3 weeks – it is a sort of intensive therapy for skin. It will provide also a perfect ‘party’ effect because even after the first procedure the skin is visibly brighter, younger and more fresh.

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