PROFHILO - hyaluronic acid thermally shielded Clinic in London

PROFHILO is a molecule of youthfulness that is recovering the lost parameters of skin – it is a total innovation in the world of aesthetic medicine.

It is the newest procedure that prevents sagging skin and face ageing. Thanks to the elimination of entire chemical substances used in fillers (ex. BDDE, DVS, PEG, Formaldehyde) and its replacement by a patented process of thermal stabilization (achieved by the heating and cooling of the particles of the hybrid complex), it has been shown to have extended effects and is fully safe.

In order to completely rejuvenate the skin, only 2 procedures with a 30-day interval between each other is needed. The visible effects are maintained for 1-1.5 year. The effects may be additionally enhanced by an addition of 1-2 procedures per year.

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