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PLAZMA – Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) Clinic in London

It is a safe and effective procedure which combines thermal lifting with very deep rebuilding in lower parts of the horny layer and dermis. It does not contain any risk of burns or allergy to light, which may happen during laser therapy.
The main advantage of nitric plasma is the possibility of using it on eyelids and conducting blepharoplasty – non-surgery eyelids correction which removes a part of loose skin on the upper eyelid. Thus far, this has been impossible to perform without any surgery.
This procedure:
Lifts and tightens upper eyelid removing the little wrinkles on its surface (reduces the amount of sagging skin,
Improves skin density of loose skin on the eyelid (improves its firmness),
Softens skin and wrinkles.

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