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LINERASE – collagen of youthfulness
It is a ground-breaking procedure done with advanced and safe substances in order to fight signs of skin ageing. It is the only type I Atelocollagen available on the market, and through injections, would be perfect for sensitive parts of the face and body. Linerase contains Type I Atelocollagen, a kind of biomaterial which totally excludes any allergies after the procedure, that is both biodegradable and biocompatible (it dissolves when is in skin).
Linerase is a new collagen substance perfect for the intensive treatment of wrinkles, acne and postsurgical scars.
Atelocollagen LINERASE stimulates fibroblasts’ production, which improves condition of skin, therefore giving it a younger look.

  • What may be achieved thanks to Linerase?
  • Regenerated and rebuilt skin,
  • Reduced flabbiness,
  • Liquidation of and stretch scars,
  • Restoration of elasticity,
  • Visibly hydrated and glowing skin
  • Softened wrinkles.

LINERASE formulation was awarded by dermatologists with a prestigious prize called Pearl of Aesthetic Dermatology, in the category of The best formulation for tissues bio-stimulation in 2016.

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