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A family doctor in London deals with general medical care. It is a doctor, who provides health care services for both adults and children. This is the general practitioner you go to in the first place. If necessary, your family doctor in London will refer you to a specialist for further diagnosis and treatment. In our clinic we provide professional services in family medicine and a wide range of diagnostic tests.

As part of family medicine, we coordinate the patient’s health care, i.e. medical consultations provided by a family doctor, planning the course of treatment and effective prevention. Our strength is individual and fully professional approach to the patient. Each of our London family doctors is empathetic and caring about patients, identifying and analyzing their problems. Family medicine also means making diagnoses and decisions in case of required long-term care or specialist referral. The family doctors in London deals with chronic diseases, they provide advice on healthy lifestyles and take care of all the medical care of patients.

If you notice any worrying symptoms, regardless of which part of your body they refer to, you should report to your family doctor. A cold, flu, clogged sinuses, abdominal pain and many other symptoms that we are exposed to every day are all clear indications for an appointment with our family doctor. If the situation so requires, the family doctor refers the patient to specialists, who continue the diagnosis and carry out treatment. In cases which don’t require it, the family doctor in London chooses treatment and treats the patient.

We encourage you to arrange visits to your family doctor in our clinic. We provide our patients with the highest quality medical services. Every visit to the doctor’s office is comfortable and conscientiously organized. You can rely on our doctors for everything you need. They are specialists with many years of experience and excellent qualifications.

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