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The heart and circulatory systems are extremely important elements in the human body, which cannot be neglected. Many people suffer from various types of diseases related to the blood system, and therefore, it is worth pursuing an early diagnosis, which increases the chances for effective treatment. And, as a result, a happy, long life, which is truly the most important. It all starts with a consultation with a doctor, such as a cardiologist in London. A cardiologist is a heart specialist, who listens to your symptoms, considers all possible investigations and at the end makes a diagnosis for you.
Cardiovascular diseases are much more common than even cancer. Diagnostic tests often help to save not only your health but even your life. Prophylaxis covers not only the middle age and the older patients, but also 20- and 30-year-olds. Even at an early age the first symptoms may occur signaling potential heart and cardiovascular diseases.
If you have any worrying symptoms, such as shortness of breath, chest pain, palpitations, ankle swelling, blackouts, or elevated blood pressure, it is advisable to consult a cardiologist as soon as possible. The cardiologist will provide comprehensive care and help to deal with persistent and potentially dangerous diseases.
At our clinic in London, our cardiologist performs appropriate diagnostic tests and ensures professional consultation. Patients are provided with excellent care from the very beginning. We treat patients with ischemic heart disease, heart failure, fast/slow heartbeats, hypertension, as well as post-infarction therapy, and all other cardiovascular diseases.

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The scope of services comprises diagnosis and management of:
· Chest pains
· Shortness of breath
· Blackouts, syncope
· Palpitations and racing heart symptoms
· Peripheral edema, ankle swelling
· Stable coronary artery disease includes patients after heart attacks, patients with coronary artery by-pass grafts, and patients after stenting,
· Arrhythmias, mainly atrial fibrillation and supraventricular tachycardias,
· Hypertension,
· Heart failure,
· High cholesterol levels
· Valvular heart diseases,
· Pulmonary hypertension,
· Qualification of cardiac patients for non-cardiac surgeries,

Our Cardiologist performs:
· Electrocardiograms
· Echocardiograms
· Analysis of ECG Holter`s Monitoring
· Analysis of Blood Pressure Monitoring
We encourage you to make an appointment at our clinic. Our cardiologist in London provides reliable care. Regardless of the health problem you face, our facility will provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Our cardiologist is an excellent specialist, who has been treating patients with various cardiovascular diseases for many years. Our doctors are conscientious, empathetic, and treat all patients individually. We invite you to our clinic.

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