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Patients’ opinions


” I think Dr. Ewa Chuchla is a fabulous doctor. She has an amazing personality, She’s very hearted and gives her best in everything she does. When I was her patient I had a painful treatment, but she made me laugh, gave me a hug and mate me forget about the pain also, she is very caring and cares about her patients I love her bubbly personality as it makes me smile..” opinia o lekarzach w luxmedica


“I am very pleased with the treatment that I have received from Dr. Mark Waloch. Doctor Waloch has taken a lot of extra time to ensure that I truly understand my condition.  He was very professional and gentle. I will surely come back for routine visits and I will recommend him among my friends.    “opinia o Polskiej przychodni w londynie - luxmedica


“Doctor Sharifi is very experienced. I’m very happy that I found him and I will recommend him to everyone”opinia o polskiej klinice luxmedica


“Dr Artur Chelmicki is a very experienced doctor. Very professional and polite. He took his time to show me the scan results and explain my condition. I highly recommend this doctor.  ”

opinia o luxmedica

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